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                   About Us
 "The Safety and Well Being of Children is our Mission"

Since 1994, our Agency has been providing   quality monitoring for court ordered cases. We specialize in the areas dealing with:    Divorce and Paternity Cases, Domestic Violence,  Child Abuse,  Abduction,  Department  of Children  and Family Services Cases, in addition to  Ex-Offender and Foster Care Reunification.  Judges have ordered our Company  to monitor hundreds of high profile and high conflicted cases.
The Agency's CEO is Dr. Shirley Douglass. She has been a Certified Supervised Visitation Provider for  25 years.  She worked for the Los Angeles  County Superior Court; 10 years of which was in a  Family   Law courtroom  as a Electronic Recording Monitor, and 10 years was as a Paralegal for the Family Law Facilitator's  Office.  Dr. Douglass is also a  Certified Domestic Violence  Educator, a Certified Parenting Coach, a Mandated Reporter Trainer, and a College Professor. She and the Agency  were members of the Supervised Visitation Network for over 13 years.
The entire team of Professional  Providers  are committed to providing a service to families in transition, with conflict free supervised visitation access for both parents.
     Our Policies

Intake Interview for each parent is $50.00

Basic Rate, $50.00 per hour

$5.00 for each additional child

$30.00  is added  when there is a need for an extra Professional Monitor.

Additional $10.00 Fee will be added for, Alleged Sexual  Abuse, Special Needs Children, High Conflict Cases, and Major Holidays.

Subpoena  for a Court Appearance, with a 10 day Notice is $250.00

All Supervised Visits  Are Documented
Activity Reports of  Visits are $50.00 per Report. No charge for Minor's Counsel or Social Workers, only.
A Declaration is $250.00, which is a summary of the Reports, it must be requested  and paid at least 10 days before  it is needed. If not, the fee doubled.  Declarations are based on 1 year of visits,  an additional  fee for more years. Each Declaration is signed under the  'Penalty  of Perjury'
7 days a week, including Holidays, and Overnights.
There is a 2 hour minimum
        Service Locations
Los Angeles County
Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
"We Here To Serve Your Child"   

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Office Hours Only:

    Monday thru Friday
             9am to 6pm
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Supervised Visitation Monitoring Services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, including Holidays.

Mailing Address:
101 W. Mission Blvd., #301    
Pomona, CA 91766


Trustline Registry: A data base of Professional Monitors, who have cleared criminal background checks.

California Courts: Online Self-Help Center

Our Family Wizard: The ability for separating/divorcing parent to communicate via  email linked to this website.

 "We Would Welcome The  Opportunity To Earn Your Trust, And Deliver You The Best Service In Supervised Visitation Monitoring!"

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Monitors are 


Providers to Fit Your Needs
Our Trained Monitors have Various Experience, Including Law Enforcement,
Social Workers, and Child Care Workers.

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